Give the history of Table Tennis



Give the history of Table Tennis.


Table Tennis is a fast racket (paddle) game. It is played with light ball on the smallest game surface known as ‘table’. The game was firstly played by King Edward around 1880 in Britain. It took its current form of play in the year 1900, when its rules were written and celluloid ball was used. The sound of ball (when it bounces) inspired the name “ping pong" and later it became as table tennis. The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was formed in Berlin in 1926. The first World Championship took place in the same year. The Hungarians, Czechs, Swedish and the English dominated this game until the 1950. Today, Japanese and Chinese have taken over its dominance. Women’s table tennis has been dominated exclusively by Chinese. Table tennis became an Olympic sport in Seoul (1988). It is played in singles, doubles and mixed doubles in various groups. It is a popular indoor game played over a specified table. This game is also very popular in urban India. India has hosted World Championship in 1951,1984 and 1986. Until 2000, its scoring point of the game has 21 points with five services by same player. The new rules were introduced in 2001 to increase the pace of game.