Give the general rules of Judo

Give the general rules of Judo.

(i) Random draws determine the contestants each fight. The judoka’s player who loses a fight is eliminated.
(ii) The judoda wears a blue judogi and white judogi.
(iii) They bow to each other before moving to the tatami (place of fight over mats) and
position themselves on the marks corresponding to the colour of their judogi, and bow again.
(iv) The referee starts the fight with the word “Hajime”. The competitors bow to each other again.
(v) A fight ends when a competitor scores an Ippon (10 points) or when the time limit expires (5 minutes for men and 4 minutes for women).
(vi) If an Ippon is not scored, the judoka with the higher points wins the match. Ippon, Waza-ari, Yuko, Koka, Matte are the basic elements of judo.
(vii) Penalty are also counted which declines the score, like Shido, Chui, Keikoku, Honsokumake.