Give reasons why:

Give reasons why:
1.Most zygotes in angiosperms divide only after certain amount of endosperm is formed.
2.Groundnut seeds are exalbuminous and castor seeds are albuminous.
3.Micropyle remains as a small pore in the seed coat of a seed.
4.Integuments of an ovule harden and the water content is highly reduced, as the seed matures.
5.Apple and cashew are not called true fruits.

1.To obtain nutrition from the endosperm for the developing embryo.
2.Groundnut-endosperm completely consumed.castor-endosperm persists.
3.For the entry of water and oxygen, for germination.
4.Protect the embryo to keep the seed viable, until favourable conditions return for germination.
5.Ovary is not taking part in fruit formation or thalamus contributes to fruit formation.