Give me all the character sketches in the novel helen keller in easy way in about 200 words

Give me all the character sketches in the novel helen keller in easy way in about 200 words

Some of the characters from The Story of my Life:

Mr. Keith was one of the tutors of Helen Keller. He taught Algebra, Geometry, Greek and Latin to Helen at Cambridge. He was a guiding force for her as he helped her with understanding difficult concepts. He also corrected Helen wherever she went wrong thus aiding in her development. He worked in conjunction with Anne Sullivan who would translate his ideas to Helen. He is responsible for piquing Helen’s interest in mathematics. Mr. Keith also trained her to think critically and logically thus making her mind sharper.

Mr. Arthur Gilman was the principal of Cambridge School for the young ladies. He was not only an efficient teacher but also someone who aroused Helen’s interest in history and literature. Mr Gilman would read out the papers to Helen during her examinations using the manual alphabet and then read out what she had written so that she could correct her answers. He was extremely affectionate towards Helen. A difference of opinion between Mr. Gilman and Miss Sullivan regarding Helen’s studies was the reason why Helen’s mother withdrew her two daughters from the school.

Despite being famous, Dr Alexander Graham Bell was extremely kind and modest. He encouraged Miss Sullivan and Helen at every step. He showed and explained many of his experiments to Helen at the World’s Fair. He had a humorous and a poetic side and was very fond of children. He worked a great deal for the deaf and according to Helen would live on and bless generations of children yet to come. He was very modest, polite and sympathetic.

Bishop Brooks

He was someone who helped Helen grow spiritually. Bishop Brooks was a source of inspiration to Helen and she was attached to him since childhood. According to Helen, he gave her a pure sense of joy in life. When Helen was confused about the many religions in the world, he told her that there was only one religion –the religion of love. Although only one question is answered per post, we have made an exception in your case and answered more than one question.

Mr. John P. Spaulding was a very dear friend of Helen Keller. Helen mentions in her book that only those who knew and loved him best can understand what his friendship meant to her. He made everyone happy in a beautiful, unobtrusive way, and was most kind and tender to Miss Sullivan and Helen. Both Helen and Miss Sullivan felt greatly encouraged by his presence around them as he took a watchful interest in their work. He died in February 1896 and his going away made a permanent vacancy in the lives of both Helen and Miss Sullivan.

Mr. Laurence Hutton was an editor and a critic. He was a great support to Helen during her years at Radcliffe College. Helen met Dr Hutton and his wife during her stay in New York. They allowed Helen to spend time in their home and see their library. Dr Hutton could bring out the best thoughts and the kindest sentiments. He was generous and sweet natured and a strong believer in humanity.

Mrs. Hutton was the wife of Mr. Laurence Hutton and Helen was friends with both Mr. and Mrs. Hutton. The Huttons lived in a “lovely home” in New York City, and Helen visited often. Mrs. Hutton was a devoted friend to Helen. Helen mentions in her book that a lot of what she “[held] sweetest” and “most precious” was because of her dear friend. Mrs Hutton gave her advice and guidance when she was at school. Mrs. Hutton’s encouraging letters would cheer Helen when she would be discouraged. It is evident from Helen’s descriptions that Mrs. Hutton was a motherly figure who mentored Helen who was living away from her own mother.

Miss Sullivan:

Anne Sullivan is best known as Helen Keller’s teacher and companion who connected her with the outside world. Miss Sullivan was not only successful in bringing Helen out of darkness and uncertainty, but also was instrumental in making her think and thereby helping her make a connection between the abstract and the physical world.

Miss Sullivan and Helen Keller were together for forty-nine years. During this period, Miss Sullivan strived hard to mentor Helen in all possible ways. Whether it was reading books indoors or exploring the world outside, Miss Sullivan was Helen’s constant companion.

Although Miss Sullivan followed a strict schedule while teaching Helen, she carefully employed ideas that Helen would willingly accept while learning new things. She spelled each word on Helen’s palm and made her feel everything that Helen wanted to explore and know about. Miss. Sullivan even helped Helen in getting her degree from Radcliffe College despite great difficulties.

Miss. Sullivan’s lifelong companionship with Helen Keller is indeed awe-inspiring and helps people understand how a teacher through her perseverance and devotion can miraculously change a student’s life.

Helen Keller:

Helen Keller, the writer of The Story of my Life, is also the central character and the narrator of her autobiography, which describes the story of her life up to age 21.

Helen Keller was not born disabled. However, a serious illness in her infancy damaged her sense of hearing as well as sight. She suffered a great deal of misery and frustration in trying to communicate with others till the age of six. Helen’s life completely changed when Anne Sullivan was appointed as her teacher. With the help of a wonderful teacher and her own determination, Helen Keller not only learnt to read and write, but also acquired the skill of communicating with the outside world by her brilliant use of words and ideas.

Helen Keller graduated from Radcliffe at the age of twenty-four, becoming the first deaf blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. She also travelled many countries with Miss Sullivan and was a strong advocate for people with disabilities. She learned to speak about her love of wanting to communicate with others, and is remembered as a world-famous speaker and author even today.

Helen Keller is an inspiration for millions who are struggling to overcome extreme hardships in life and want to evolve their miseries into an inspiration.