Give any four distinct features of global enterprises

Give any four distinct features of global enterprises that distinguishes them from other private and public sector companies.

Distinctive features of global enterprises are as follows
(i) Huge Capital Resources These enterprises are characterised because of the possession of huge financial resources and they can tap funds from various sources.
(ii) Foreign Collaboration Global enterprises usually enter into agreements with Indian companies pertaining to the sale of technology, production of goods, use of brand name, etc. Existence of such collaborations help in the identification of such enterprises.
(iii) Centralised Control They have their headquarters in their home country and exercise complete control overall branches and subsidiaries. The local management of branches and their functioning operate within the policy framework given by parent companies.
(iv) Expansion of Market Territory Their operations and activities extend beyond the physical
boundaries of their own countries. Their international image also builds up and their market territory expands enabling them to become international brands.