Give a quantitative appraisal of India's demo-graphic profile during the Colonial period?

Ans. India’s demographic profile during the Colonial period is as follows :
(i) The birth rate and death rate were as high as 48
and 40 per thousand respectively. Due to high birth rate and high death rate the population growth was stagnant.
(ii) The infant mortality rate was also very high
(about 218 per thousand live births). The life expectancy rate was as low as 32 years while presently it is 63-5 years.
(iii) The literacy rate was less than 16% which denotes social backwardness in the economy.
(iv) India was featured with massive poverty, low
standard and quality of living and low survival ; rate in the country The lack of health care facilities and lack of health awareness were the main causes behind such demographic 5 conditions in India