Give a comparative study of social difference by overlapping and cross-cutting

Comparative Study between Overlapping and Cross-cutting Social Differences.
"Overlapping and cross-cutting differences are the situation which determine social divisions."
Overlapping Differences
(i) In the overlapping social differences, social division takes place when some social differences overlap other differences.
(ii) The situation of overlapping differences produce a kind of social division in which one kind of social difference becomes more important than the other and people start feeling that they belong to different communites.
(iii) Overlapping social differences create possibilities of deep social divisions and tensions.
(iv) For example, the difference between blacks and Whites becomes a social division in the US because the Blacks tend to be poor, homeless and discriminated against.
Cross-cutting Differences
(i) Whereas, in cross-cutting social differences social division takes place when differences cross-cut one another, hence it is difficult to compete one group of people against the other.
(ii) But, the situation of cross-cut differences signifies that groups that share a common interest on one issue are likely to be in different sides on a different issue.
(iii) But, cross-cutting social differences are easier to accommodate.
(iv) For example, the case of Netherlands suits the cross-cutting social differences. Here, class and religion tend to cut-across each other. Hence, society got divided between catholics and protestants.