Give a brief account of the people of Bastar

Give a brief account of the people of Bastar.
What kind of life is led by the tribals of Bastar?

  • Bastar is located in the southernmost part of Chhattisgarh.
  • Different communities live in Bastar such as Maria and Muria Gonds, Dhurwas, Bhatras, etc.
  • They speak different languages but share common customs and beliefs.
  • They believe that each village was given its land by the Earth and in return, they look after the Earth by making offerings during the festivals.
  • In addition to the Earth, they pay respect to the spirits of river, the forest and the mountain.
  • Since each village knows its boundaries, they look after their natural resources within that boundary.
  • If they want to take some wood from another village, they pay a small fee called ‘devsari’ in exchange.
  • Some villages protect their forests by keeping watchmen and each house contributes grains to pay them.
  • They meet once in a year to discuss issues of concern, including forests.