Gaurav, an HR professional of Naunidh Tyres

Gaurav, an HR professional of Naunidh Tyres had conducted an interview of 100 different professionals.
In the second round he had taken the selection tests of candidates. What was the reason behind conducting the selection test and state two advantages and disadvantages of such tests?

Selections tests are conducted to measure certain characteristics like intelligence, personality and skills of an employee.
It is a popular technique of measuring the skills of employees.
Tests offer the following benefits in employee selection:
(i) Tests provide a good basis for measuring a candidate’s suitability for the job.
(ii) Tests are useful in checking and verifying the , claims made by the candidate about his qualifications and experience.
Tests suffer from the following limitations:
(i) Tests are not always the reliable indicators of knowledge and skills of a candidate.
(ii) Tests may be unfair to candidates belonging to economically and socially backward sections of society.
Sometimes tests may lead to discrimination between one candidate and another.