From the novel Gulliver's travels Character sketch of emperor of Lilliput

From the novel Gulliver’s travels Character sketch of emperor of Lilliput

Upon arrival, Gulliver found that the emperor was an eminent patron. He owned many heavy weight machines. He was good to Gulliver and asked his cooks to prepare victuals and drinks for him. Guliiver’s past criminal records impressed him so much that he ordered the villagers to provide me with food for his survival. All the orders were put in execution and the hospitality that Gulliver received was remarkable. However, as the story moves forward, Gulliver observes that the prince is very keen on enforcing authority on his people and is determined to conquer the neighbouring kingdom, Blefuscu with Gulliver’s help; making use of his enormous size.
He befriends Gulliverto win the battle against Blefuscu. However, when Gulliver refused to conquer and destroy the people of Blefusca, the emperor got quite angry and on consultation with his generals, decided to execute Gulliver. This clearly shows that the emperor is inspite of being generous, is deceptive too.