“Formation of Indian Constitution was no less struggle than that of Africa”

“Formation of Indian Constitution was no less struggle than that of Africa”. Do you agree? Explain with five arguments.

The making of the Constitution for a huge and diverse country like India was not an easy affair.
The country was born through a partition which was a traumatic experience.

The major factors which contributed to the making of our Constitution were :

  1. At that time, people of India were emerging from the status of subjects to that of citizens. They became conscious of their rights and privileges.
  2. Our leaders gained confidence to learn from other countries, but on our own terms. Many of them were inspired by the ideals of French Revolution.
  3. They were also influenced by the practices of Parliamentary democracy in Britain and the Bill of Rights in the US.
  4. Social Revolution in Russia inspired many Indians to think of shaping a system based on social and economic equality.
  5. The makers of the Constitution were not simply imitating the Constitution of other countries, at each step, they were questioning whether the values and ideals they accepted suited our country or not.

Keeping in view the above given points and scenario, we can easily conclude that the formation of Indian Constitution was equally difficult and full of struggle as that of Africa.