Find out at least two examples'of common human-induced disasters in your environment

Find out at least two examples’of common human-induced disasters in your environment.Suggest how they can be reduced or removed.

Two examples of human induced disasters are fires and road accidents.
(a) Fires can be prevented or reduced if-
(i) people become more aware and responsible.
(ii) people do not keep inflammable materials near fire sources.
(iii) people do not leave lighted gas stoves unattended.
(iv) the wiring of electrical appliances should be maintained so that it does not cause a short circuit.
(v) we burst firecrackers in open spaces.
(vi) we improve fire fighting and pollution dispersion capability.
(b) Road accidents can-be prevented or reduced if-
(i) ail road users follow traffic rules.
(ii) we drive vehicles only after having a valid driving licence.
(iii) fast or rash driving is avoided."
(iv) overtaking is done only when space permits.