Fill in the blanks?

Fill in the blanks.
(i) During normal quiet breathing, on an average, approximately…mL of air is inspired or expired in
each breathe, termed as…
(ii) Actually, only about…mL of air enters the lung alveoli for the exchange of gases. The remaining
fills the respiratory passage and is termed…
(iii) Diaphragm contracts to helps in…while the contraction of abdominal muscles help in…
(iv) Alveolar ${{pO}{2}}$ is…than the venous $
{2}}$, while arterial
${{pO}{2}}$ is…than the alveolar

(i) 500 mL, tidal volume. (ii) 350 mL, dead space air
(iii) Inspiration, forced expiration (iv) Higher, lower.