Explanation of the poem keeping quiet by pablo neruda

explanation of the poem keeping quiet by pablo neruda

Hi Rohit,

Here is the explanation of the poem “Keeping Quiet” by Pablo Neruda:

In the poem “Keeping Quiet”, the poet stresses on the spirit of brotherhood among all the people in the world. He wants us to stop talking and moving for a short period of time— till he counts till twelve. All our lives we are focused towards our selfish goals ignoring the needs of everyone around us. This silence will give us time for self-introspection. The differences between us would be gone and we would understand each other better. A bond between us would grow stronger and brotherhood would be fostered. We would get an opportunity to understand the harm that he is causing to himself and to the others. Wars between nations would cease and peace would prevail. The poet stresses on the fact that inactivity does not mean non-productivity. He cites the example of Earth who looks inactive. But in reality she is productive and is selfless. He urges us to learn from the virtues of Earth and refrain from violence.