Explain with the help of two activities that current carrying wire produces magnetic field

I. Procedure :

  1. Take a thermocole sheet and fix two
    thin sticks of height 1 cm.
  2. Join the two sticks with the help of
    copper wire.
  3. Take a battery, tapkey and connect them in series with the copper wire which
    is thin. .
  4. Keep a marine compass needle beneath the wire.
  5. If you press the tapkey, current flows in the copper wire.
  6. Immediately the magnetic needle gets deflected.
  7. This indicates that the magnetic field is increased when current flows through the conductor.

II. Procedure :

  1. Take a wooden plank and make a hole.
  2. Place the plank on the table.
  3. Place the retort stand on it.
  4. Pass copper wire through the hole.
  5. Connect the two ends of the wire with battery through switch.
  6. Place some compass needle around the hole.

  1. When the current flows the magnetic needle deflects.
  2. We can verify this by changing the direction of current.
  3. So we can conclude the magnetic field surrounds a current carrying conductors.