Explain two reasons as why power sharing is desirable.Or Why is power sharing desirable ? Or Why and how is power shared in democracies?

Power sharing is desirable for various concrete reasons. Two sets of reasons have been listed out which favours power sharing in two different manners like: Prudential reason and Moral reason.
Prudential Reason
• According to prudential reason power sharing accommodates social diversity hence, helps in reducing the possibility of conflict between social groups.
• Power sharing in another way ensures the political stability through competition among various political parties.
• Besides, power sharing is also desirable to the promotion of national unity and integrity.
Moral Reason
• Moral Reason is a very deeper reason of power sharing.
• According to moral reason power sharing is desirable to produce an accountable, responsible and legitimate government.
• It implies maximum popular participation through decentralisation of powers so that people would be consulted on how th£y are to be governed.
In this way, both the sets of reasons signify the importance of power sharing in the forms of Community Government, Reserved Constituencies and Decentralisation of powers.