Explain three measures taken by the government to improve agricultural marketing

The following measures have been taken by the government to regulate agricultural marketing :
(i) Regulation of Markets—The first measure to improve agriculture marketing aspect is regulation of markets to create orderly and transparent marketing conditions. Regulated markets have been established where sale and purchase of the produce is monitored by the Market Committee consisting of representa¬tives of government, farmers and the traders.
(ii) Improvement in Physical Infrastructure—It is the second measure to improve the agriculture marketing aspect. The current infrastructure facilities like roads, railways, warehouses, go- downs. cold storages and processing units, etc. are inadequate to meet the growing demand. Through this measure, government ensures the improvement in physical infrastructure.
(iii) Co-operative Marketing—It is the third mea-sure taken by the government in realising the fair prices for farmers products. As members of these societies, farmers find themselves better bargainers in the market and get better prices of their produce through collective sale. The success of milk co-operatives in Gujarat and some other parts of the country are the brilliant examples of co-operative marketing