Explain three causes of unemployment in India and suggest any two measures to reduce unemployment in India

Causes of Unemployment:
(i) Insufficient economic development : It is true that under the planned development millions of new jobs were created but the number of job lookers was much more than those jobs. Thus many people still remained unemployed in India.
(ii) Defective system of education : In oureducational system there is lack of training facilities, lack of vocational and professional guidance.
(iii) Slow growth of industrialisation : Slow growth of industrialisation in the country is yet another cause of unemployment in the urban areas.
Measures to Reduce Unemployment:
(i) Integrated Dry Land Agricultural Development :
Under this scheme, permanent works like soil conservation, development of land and water harvesting are undertaken.
(ii) National Rural Employment Programme - This programme aims at creating community assets for strengthening rural infrastructure like drinking water wells, community irrigation wells, village tanks, rural roads and schools.