Explain the various problems faced by the Indian weavers in 19th century

By turn of the 19th century weavers faced a new set of problems. As the cotton industry developed in England, Indian cotton weavers faced two problems - their export market collapsed and local market shrank being flooded with British goods. Indian handmade goods could not compete with fine machine made goods of England.

By 1860, they faced a new problem. They could not get sufficient supply of raw cotton which was sent to England for their industries after American world war. The prices of raw cotton shot up and Indian
weavers were forced to buy raw cotton at exorbitant prices. In most cases they were unable to pay.
By the end of 19th century, Indian weavers again got a blow when textile factories were set up in India flooding market with machine made goods. It was . difficult for the weavers to survive.


I think that in above content there is ‘American world war’ but actually it was American civil war