Explain the statement clearly :

Explain the statement clearly :
“To call a dimensional quantity ‘large’ or ‘small’ is meaningless without specifying a standard for comparison.” In view of this, reframe the following statements wherever necessary:
(a) Atoms are very small objects.
(b) A jet plane moves with great speed.
© The mass of Jupiter is very large.
(d) The air inside this room contains a large number of molecules.
(e) A proton is much more massive than an electron.
(f) The speed of sound is much smaller than the speed of light.

The physical quantities are called large or small on comparison to some standard units of measurement. So, statement is correct:
(a) As size of an atom is smaller than the sharp tip of pin.
(b) As a jet plane moves faster than a superfast train.
© As mass of Jupiter is very large as compared to the
mass of earth.
(d) As air inside the room contains more number of molecules than in one mole of air.
(e) Statement is true.
(f) Statement is true.