Explain the role of 'public relations' in marketing management

Public relation is the sustained and planned effort to influence public opinion and to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organisation and the public.
Role of public relations :

  1. Smooth Functioning of Business
    As quoted in definition by public sssociation relation, it helps in analysing trends, predicting their consequences, counselling organisational leaders and implementing planned programme of action, and thus helps in smooth functioning of business and achievement of objectives.
  2. Building Corporate Image and Brand Equity
    Public relations covers a wide range of tactics, tools and programmes to promote and protect company’s image and products. It uses the tools to build corporate image which ultimately affects favourally on its products. It pursues for this purpose-up keep of parks, gardens, sponsoring sports events, etc.
  3. Launching New Products
    The good image promotion itself lends credibility to new launches of the organisations.
  4. Press Relations
    The public relations department is in contact with the media to present true facts and a correct picture about the company, otherwise, news can get distorted if it is taken from some other source.
  5. Corporate Communication
    The public relations department promotes the image of the company by communicating with the public and the employees of the organisation.
    This is usually done with the help of newsletters, annual reports, "brochures, articles, etc. Speeches by company’s executives, interviews with TV channels, etc go a long way in promoting public relations.
  6. Lobbying
    The public relations department is liable to maintain healthy relationships with government officials, ministers of industry finance, associations of commerce and industry, etc. At the same time, they have to be proactive in promoting or defeating regulations that affect them.
    The public relations department advises the management on general issues that affect the general public and the goodwill of the company.Factors such as environment, wildlife, social issues, education, etc help in promoting public relations and creating goodwill of the company in the market.