Explain the role of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the promotion of internal trade

The main services provided by them are as follows:

  1. Transportation or inter-state movement of goods : The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry provides various services like registration of vehicles, construction of highways and roads, surface transport facilities, etc. to facilitate inter-state movement of goods. The construction of golden quadrilateral corridor is the result of the annual general meetings of FICCI. This will promote internal trade.
    2.Labour legislation : Flexible and simple labour legislation leads to maximisation of production and generates large employment opportunities. These associations constantly interact with the government on issues regarding labour laws, retrenchment, etc.
  2. Excise duty : The main source of revenue of the central government is the excise duty levied by the government to reduce the excise duty as it plays an important role in fixing the price of the products.
  3. Promoting sound infrastructure : The success of trade, commerce and industry is greatly affected by the availability of sound infrastructure facilities likes roads, electricity, railways, etc. These associations in collaboration with the government take up heavy investment projects in this respect.
  4. Marketing of agro-products : Helping in the marketing of agro-products and related issues is another important area covered by these associations.
    6.Weights, measures and prevention of duplicate brands : In order to protect the interests of the consumers as well as the traders, several laws have been formulated that are related to weights, measures and protection of brands. Also, actions are taken against those who violate these laws.