Explain the reasons for the need of pollution control

The need of pollution control can be ascertained from the following reasons:

  1. Reduction in health hazards : Environmental pollution causes many health hazards which affect human beings adversely. Therefore, to protect the human beings from these health hazards, it is necessary to control environmental pollution.
  2. Reduction in safety hazards : Environmental pollution causes several types of safety hazards, more particularly in the winter season, resulting in air, rail and road traffic problems. Air pollution mostly causes this problem.
  3. Reduced risk of liability : Organisations which cause environmental pollution by releasing hazardous gases chemicals and solid wastes are held responsible for this. Such an act attracts penal provisions too. Therefore, it is beneficial for such organisations to control pollution in order to avoid their liability which may arise because of polluting the environment.
  4. Reduction in economic losses : Pollution control leads to reduction in economic losses for both the organisation and society. Organisations may reduce economic losses by producing lesser toxic wastes, thereby saving the cost of disposing huge wastes. Pollution control reduces economic losses of society because pollution causes damage to vegetation, land fertility, health, etc.
  5. Aesthetic look: Environmental pollution damages the natural environment thereby reducing the quality of look of natural resources and man made aesthetic elements like lakes, monuments, etc. By controlling environmental pollution, aesthetic look can be maintained which provides a sense of beauty.
  6. Improved public image : Generally, organisations
    which undertake suitable measures for controlling pollution are perceived positively by the society. This improves the image of the organisation before the public which itself is a significant achievement for the organisation.