Explain the procedure for selection of employees

Briefly describe the steps taken in the selection of personnel.
Describe briefly the process of selection of workers starting from employment tests.
How are candidates short-listed through preliminary and selection interviews?
What is meant by ‘selection? Explain any five steps involved in the process of selection of employees.
The process of selection involves judgement about the performance potential of the candidate and thus involves a number of steps’. State the steps in the process of selection.
You are the personnel manager of ABLID Company Ltd. You have been directed by the directors of the company to select a chartered accountant for the company. Explain the selection procedure you will follow for the same.
Explain the procedure for selection of employees.

Selection is the process of identifying and choosing the best person out of a number of prospective candidates for a job.
A well organised selection process of personnel involves the following steps:
(i) Preliminary screening It helps the manager to eliminate unqualified or unfit job seekers, based on the information supplied in the application forms.
(ii) Selection otests An employment test is a mechanism (either a paper and pencil test or an exercise) that attempts to measure certain characteristics of individuals. These characteristics range from aptitudes, such as manual dexterity, to intelligence, to personality, etc.
(iii) Employment interview Interview is a formal, in-depth conversation, conducted to evaluate the applicant’s suitability for the job, Through an interview, an interviewer seeks to obtain maximum information about the interviewee and the interviewee seeks information about the job and the company.
(iv) Reference and background checks Many employers request names, addresses and telephone numbers of references for the purpose of verifying information and gaining additional information of an applicant.
(v) Selection decision The final decision has to be made from among the candidates, who pass the tests,interviews and reference checks.
(vi) Medical examination After the selection decision and before the job offer, the candidate is required to undergo a medical fitness test. The job offer is given to the candidate, who is physically and mentally fit for the job.
(vii) Job offer The next step in the selection process is issuing job offer to those applicants, who have passed all the previous hurdles. It is made through a letter of appointment to confirm his acceptance, and communicating to him the reporting date and time.
(viii) Contract of employment When a candidate accepts the job offer, the contract of employment is made, which 'is in a written form and includes job title, duties, responsibilities, date when continuous employment starts and the basis for calculating service, rates of pay, allowances, hours of work, leave rules, sickness, grievance procedure, etc.