Explain the Origin of Social differences

Explain the Origin of Social differences.

Origins of social differences:

  1. Accident of birth: We don’t choose to belong to our community. We belong to it simply because we were born into it. We experience social differences based on accident of birth in our everyday life.
  2. Based on choices: Some of the differences are based on our choices. Some people are atheists. They don’t believe in God or any religion. Some people choose to follow a religion other than the one in which they were born. Most of us choose to study a subject of our interest and an occupation where we can excel. All these lead to formation of social groups that are based on our choices.
    For example : Nagaland, Uttrakhand and Jharkhand.
  3. Restricting of centre-state relations: The constitutional aiawaigements for sharing power depends on how the ruling parties and leadefifcafellow these arrangements. For a long time, the same party ruled both at the centre and in most of the states. Post 1990 saw the rise of regional parties. Since no single party got a clear majority in the Lok Sabha, the national parties had to enter into an alliance which led to a new culture of power sharing and respect for autonomy of state governments.