Explain the on-the-job methods used for training of worker

On-the-job methods of training :
(i) Apprenticeship programmes Apprenticeship programmes put the trainee under the guidance of a master worker such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc. The trainee works along with the master worker for a specified period to acquire a higher level of skill.
(ii) Coaching In this method, the superiors guide and instruct the trainee as a coach. The coach counsels or suggests how to achieve goals, periodically reviews the trainees progress and suggests changes required in behaviour and performance.
The trainee works directly with a senior manager and the manager takes full responsibility for the trainee’s coaching.
(iii) Internship training is a joint programme of training, in which educational institutions and business firms co-operates in order to impart training to selected candidates. People can acquire practical knowledge by working in factories and firms and are able to handle recurring problems effectively.
(iv) Job rotation It involves shifting of employees from one job to another, or one department to another, or one shift to another. This helps the employee to learn varied skills to do a variety of jobs.
It also helps him to interact with other employees, leading to better coordination between departments and facilitating transfers and promotion of employees.
(v) Induction training It is a type of training given to help a new employee in settling down -quickly into the job by becoming familiar with the people, the surrounding, the job and the business. The duration of such type of training may be from a few hours to a few days.