Explain the objectives of the Non-Alignment Movement

Explain the objectives of the Non-Alignment Movement.

Following are the objectives of the Non-Aligned Movement:

  1. To keep the newly independent nations of Asia and Africa away from the rivalry of the two superpowers and preserve their newly acquired national independence.
  2. To eliminate all those factors and tendencies in the international arena that could lead to war.
  3. To protect the nascent freedom of the new born Asian and African countries and help them distance themselves from colonial domination.
  4. To oppose colonialism, imperialism and racial discrimination.
  5. To advocate sovereign equality of all States.
  6. To encourage friendly relations among countries.
  7. To advocate peaceful settlement of international disputes.
  8. To oppose the use of force and nuclear weapons in the international arena.
  9. To strengthen the United Nations Organisation as an organ of world peace.
  10. To protect human rights and the environment.