Explain the nutrition process in an Amoeba

Explain the nutrition process in an Amoeba.


The mode of nutrition in Amoeba is holozoic.

The various steps involved in the process of nutrition are:

Ingestion: Amoeba ingests food with the help of its finger-like extensions, called pseudopodia. When a food particle approaches Amoeba, it forms pseudopodia around it and forms a food vacuole inside the Amoeba.
Digestion: Various enzymes from the cytoplasm enter into the food vacuole and break them down into simple soluble molecules.
Absorption: The simple soluble food is absorbed by cytoplasm of Amoeba from food vacuoles through the process of diffusion.
Assimilation: Amoeba cell obtains energy from the absorbed food through respiration. This energy is utilised by Amoeba for its growth and repair of the body.
Egestion: When a considerable amount of undigested food gets collected inside Amoeba, its cell membrane ruptures and throws out the undigested food.