Explain the Importance of service sector

Explain the Importance of service sector.

TERTIARY sector or service sector plays a very significant role and its importance is rising day by day.

  1. Greater the development of primary sector and secondary sector, more would be the demand for services.
  2. Tertiary sector has become the largest producer in India because various kinds of services such as a hospital, educational institution, post and telephone services, police, court, etc. are required.
  3. Even development of agriculture and industry leads to the development of services such as transport, trade and storage etc.
  4. With the rise in income, demand for more services is also rising. For example, eating out in a restaurant, tourism, mall and shopping complex, school etc.
  5. New services like IT and outsourcing have become very important for modem trade and industry.

Unfortunately, the rapid growth of the service sector in India has not yet shown the expected corresponding increase in employment.