Explain the impacts of scrapping of the Corn Laws

What were the effects of the British Government’s decision to abolish the Corn Laws?
Explain the impacts of scrapping of the Corn Laws.

Under the pressure from industrialists and urban dwellers, the British Government abolished the Corn Laws.
The effects of it were
(i) Food could be imported into Britain more
cheaply than it would be produced within the country.
(ii) British agriculture was unable to compete with imports.
Vast areas of lands were left uncultivated and people started migrating to cities or other countries in search of work.
{iii} As food prices fell, consumption in Britain rose. Faster industrial growth in Britain also led to higher incomes and therefore, more food imports.
{iv) Around the world in Eastern Europe, Russia, America,
Australia, lands were cleared and food production expanded to meet the British demand.