Explain the following terms

Explain the following terms
(i) Web publishing
(ii) Campus recruitment (iii) Transfers

(i) Web publishing It is an important source of recruitment these days. Certain websites like www.naukri.com , www.jobstreet.com, www.monster.com,etc .have been specially designed for providing information to both job seekers and job providers.
(ii) Campus recruitment Recruitment through educational institutions is known as campus recruitment. Business organisations maintain links with educational institutions for recruiting technical, professional and managerial personnel for various jobs. Now-a-days, most of the institutions have their own placement bureau which are providing employment to their students.
(iii) Transfers It refers to shifting of an employee from one job to another or from one department to another department without any change in the responsibilities or position of an employee. It is an important source of fulfilling the vacancy in an organisation by shifting an employee from another department. It is referred to as horizontal movement of employees also.