Explain the factors that sustain democracy in India

Explain the factors that sustain democracy in India.

Political Factors:

  1. Elections should be held regularly.
  2. There should be more than two and three strong major parties in the elections.
  3. Election should be held in free and congenial atmosphere. Role of money should not be there in the elections.
    Social Factors: Everyone should have equal access to the resources of the society. There should not be any discrimination on the basis of caste, race, gender, religion or linguistic. In such a set up, no religion or community is given any preference.
    Economic Factors: Economic democracy means that every member enjoys more or less equal economic status. There should not be large gaps between the rich and the poor. A society should not have a small very rich class and a large poor class.
    Participation of the citizens: The success of the democracy depends on the moral soundness of the citizens. They should not focus only on their personal interests but take actions for the collective good. They should place national interests above the personal interests.