Explain the factors responsible for the invention

Explain the factors responsible for the invention of new printing technology.

The use of print diversified in China due to blooming urban culture. Merchants used print in day-to-day life because they collected trade-related information.Print was no longer limited to scholar-officials. Reading increasingly became a leisure activity.
The three factors which contributed to the development of the print technology are
(i) Through the silk routes, Chinese paper reached Europe in the 11th century. Paper made possible the production of manuscripts, carefully written by scribes.
(ii) Then in 1295, Marco Polo, a great explorer, returned to Italy after several years of exploration in China. We know that China already had the technology of woodblock printing. Marco Polo brought this knowledge back with him.
(iii) Now Italians began to produce books with woodblocks and soon the technology spread to other parts of Europe.