Explain the developmental characteristics during infancy

Explain the developmental characteristics during infancy.

Developmental characteristics during infancy: A new life comes into existence, this period extends upto the time when the child is two years old. The boys and girls do not differ in growth during infancy.
• During first year the increase in weight is proportionately greater than the increase in height. The proportion between various parts of the body are very odd. The general movements of infants are highly un-co¬ordinated because of immature condition of its nervous system. Much of child’s activity is of reflex type. The general response of the child are visual fixation on light, spontaneous eye movement, lip movement, knee jerk, shedding tears, sucking of fingers, frowning, sucking. Bones elongate more in first year.
• With the development of bones, muscles and nervous system, the child shows a co¬ordinated pattern of movement. Now, the child has learnt rolling, creeping, crawling, sitting, standing with aid or himself. Some may learn to run early than others. The child has learnt now how to walk and run. Before he is two years he can open boxes, insert pag, build tower with blocks, can jump, skip and bounce.
• In 2nd year he becomes more organized.
• During the next three years, the growth is even but has slowed down considerably in comparison to first two years. The bones now get harder. Now he needs no help. Physical activity comprises bouncing, going up the stairs, galloping, possessive and do not tolerate anybody interference upon his activities especially toys.