Explain the concept of liberal nationalism which developed in Europe in early 18th century

Liberalism meant different things to different people.

Political liberalism:

  • It stood for equality before the law.
  • Revolutionary France marked the first political experiment in liberal democracy in which right to vote and get elected was granted exclusively to property-owning men.
  • Men without property, and all women were excluded from political rights.
  • Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, women and non-propertied men organised opposition movements demanding equal political rights.

Economic liberalism:

  • It stood for freedom of markets and the abolition of state-imposed restrictions on the movement of goods and capital.
  • Customs Union or ‘zollverein’ was formed in Prussia, joined by most oLthe German states.
  • The Union abolished tariff barriers and reduced the number of currencies from thirty to two.
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