Explain the components of occupational health hazands

Explain the components of occupational health hazands.

Components of Occupational Health Hazards :
(a) Health Education : Staff should be well educated related to health factors, health problems, proper diet, preventing health problems, etc. Working place’ should also have proper health club for fitness, play and recreation during free time.
(b) Improvising Disaster Safety Means : The working place must be well improvised by latest safety means against fire, floods, blast, etc. The disaster safety means are like fire extinguisher, auto-fire¬water sprinkler, safe exit passage during disaster, etc.
© Periodic Check of Tools : The tools or machines should be properly checked before and after the use, moreover, they should be well maintained as per instructions by experts. The damaged or faulty or wornout machines should not be used and are to be replaced by good one.
(d) Proper Training: The staff should be well instructed and trained to perform their work efficiently. They must be supervised by experts.
(e) Medical Provision : There should be provision of medical help and first aid with expert doctor. Regular medical checkup has to be done related to health conditions. Staff should also be provided health insurance (in case of dangerous working conditions).
(f) Good Working Conditions : The surrounding as well as work place environment should be suitable and well maintained for working conditions. They should be cleaned up regularly to provide safe, clean and hygenic environment. There should be proper sanitation whereas waste should be disposed properly. Pollution factors have to be minimised by all means.
(g) Strictly Implementing the Occupational Rules : The occupational rules (as laid by government) or legislative measures should be strictly implemented, moreover, regular check has to be done in this regards. The irregularities or defaults must be highlighted with strict action.