Explain that minerals are found as a part of cellular structures

Minerals are useful to organisms as they are required for different metabolic activities in organisms and also they are found as a part of cellular structure, i Some functions or roles of minerals as a part of structure are : (1) Calcium carbonates forms strengthening material
of exoskeleton of arthropods.
(2) Siliceous and calcareous shells are common in
(3) Bones contain calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate. Due to the presence of both calcium and phosphours, bone dust is used as fertilizers.
(4) As calcium flouride occurs in bones and teeth, flourine prevents dental cavities.
(5) Silica occurs in cell wall of grasses which provides stiffness as well as roughness.
(6) Phosphorus is a constituent of phospholipids which form lipid bilayers of cell membrane.
(7) Middle lamella contains calcium and magnesium
(8) Phosphorus is a constituent of DNA and RNA