Explain physical fitness and wellness. What are the components of

Explain physical fitness and wellness. What are the components of physical fitness ?

Physical fitness : is the ability to eassy out daily routine work without getting tired and having extra amount of unforeseen emergency. It is the total functional capacity of an individual to perform a given task.
Wellness : is the ability to live fully with vitality and meaning. It is dynamic & multi dimensional. Wellness incorporates physical emotional, spiritual, intellectual, inter personal, social and environmental dimensions.
Components of physical fitness are :

  1. Physical fitness : Physical fitness and wellness are closely related and are contributory to each other. It is said that a physically fit person can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Cardiovascular risk factor : Majority of the death cases are cardio-vascular problems which include coronary heart diseases, heart attacks, periphery vascular diseases, congestive heart failure, etc. These cardiovascular risk factors can be reduced through a systematic well developed programme of sports, fitness activities and healthy lifestyle.
  3. Health education : It is a process which informs, motivates and helps people to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It spreads scientific knowledge about prevention of diseases. It not only motivates people to change their habits and ways of living but also helps them
    by informing about harmful effects of alcohol smoking, drugs and inactivity.
  4. Alcohol and drugs : Alcohol is the most self destructive cause of traffic accidents, violent crimes, allergic reactions and child and spouse abuse in our society. Intake of alcohol causes diseases to the liver, cardiovascular system, digestive system and nervous system.
    Drugs lead to increased risk of suicides, absentism and decreased work production. Use of drugs in sports is done to enhance performance.
  5. Smoking: Smoking cigarettes, cigar, use of smokeless tobacco products, such as chewing tobacco and snuffs, increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and pre-mature deaths.
    • Smoking tobacco is directly related to cancer (lung, oral, throat) and other respiratory disease.
    • Use of smokeless tobacco is associated with heart diseases and cancer.
    • Pregnant women who smoke increase the risk of health problems for their unborn babies.
  6. Tension and stress : If stress and tension are not managed properly they can lead to serious health hazards because constant stress and strain on cardiovascular system leads to heart diseases. Physical exercises and breathing techniques are useful in stress management. Stress reduction is possible for most people with alteration in lifestyle, though some people may need the help of an expert.
  7. Proper nutrition : Good eating habits can help you feel and look your best. Failure to eat properly can result in many health problems. Intake of proper nutritents leads to normal tissue growth, repair and maintenance. It should be ensured that food comprises all the essential nutrients.
  8. Cancer prevention : Excessive use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco are the main causes of cancer. Cancer is preventable provided we change our negative habits, behaviour and alter our lifestyle. Fit people who regularly exercise have increased protection against certain forms of cancer such as colon, reproductive system and breast cancer.