Explain parental care in mammals

Vicky’s mother was very concerned about his son. She always used to give him advice’s on how he should study, what is good for his health, and about everything. One day Vicky saw some, birds flying independently and asked his mother that why don’t animals take care of their young ones like humans. Her mother smiled and explained that parental care is also well developed in animals, (i) Explain parental care in mammals. (ii) Which other animals show parental care and how?
(iii) What does parental care indicate? (iv) What values are shown by Vickey’s mother?

(i) Mammals are well known for their care to the young ones. They feed them on their milk and protect them from enemies they also train their young ones to live.
(ii) Most of the birds also show parental care. The parents guard and sit on the eggs till they hatch and look after, their young ones till they are independent.
(iii) The parental care is well developed in higher animals. It shows advancement in features which helps in better survival of species.
(iv) Vicky’s mother is caring, concerned, intelligent, patient and knowledgeable.