Explain Pace Races method

Explain Pace Races method.

Pace Races : It is another method which is very good for developing speed of an athlete. The actual distance and number of repetitions for pace depend upon the activity or nature of the sport. In these races pace has to be set with another athlete. It involves two athletes with same speed abilities. It is also an effective means for improving speed endurance.
For example : In repetition of 200 mts. the pacesetter stands 10 - 15 mts. ahead of the other athlete. The pacesetter movement should be properly given otherwise it will slow down the repetition of the good athlete and will have a negative impact on speed and motor co-ordination. Therefore, the pace setter speed should be equally good for training of the other athletes.
In pace races the speed of an athlete requires a high degree of concentration and complete attention towards the race to get best results.