Explain land use pattern in India and why has the land under forest not increased much since 1960-61?

The present land use pattern in India for the year 2000-03 is as follows :
Land use categories 2000-03.
(i) (a) Forests 22.5%
(b) Area under non agricultural use 7.92%
© Barren and wasteland 6.29%
(d) Permanent pastures and grazing lands 3.45%
(e) Area under miscellaneous tree crops 1.1%
(f) Culturable waste 4.4%
(g) Fallow other than current fallow 3.82%
(h) Current fallow 7.03%
(i) Net sown Area 43.4%.
(ii) Forest,area has increased marginally from 18% in 1960-61 to 22% in 2000-03.
(iii) This is mainly due to increasing pressure of population on land.
(iv) Land is a fixed asset. The ever increasing population has resulted in increased demand for land for various purposes like agriculture and other non agricultural purposes.
(v) Hence it has increased marginally by 4% only.