Explain in brief the following methods of training

Explain in brief the following methods of training.
(i) Apprenticeship programmes
(ii) Induction training

{i) Apprenticeship programme It is a type of programme, in which people seeking to become
plumbers, electricians etc are required to work under the supervision of an experienced guide for prescribed amount of time under his guidance.
The period of training may often vary from two to five years. During the period of training, stipend is paid to the trainee by the employer.
(ii) Induction training First impression is the last impression. When a newly hired employee reports for work, he should be made familiar with the work environment and the fellow employees. This is known as induction or orientation. The new employee can be inducted into the organisation by introducing him to his job, to fellow workers, to superiors and to subordinates and to the organisation as a whole’.
The new employee should be oriented to the new organisation and its policies, rules and regulations, hi short, induction is socialising the employees to contribute towards the growth of ^ an organisation.