Explain in brief mail facilities of post office

Various types of mail services offered by the Post and Telegraph Department are described below
(i) UPC (Under Postal Certificate) Under UPC, a certificate of posting on payment of the prescribed fee is received.
(ii) Registered Post It is a postal facility under which it is ensured that the mail is either delivered to the addresse or it comes back to the sender. The sender hands over the mail to the post office after paying registration charges. The post office issues a receipt to the sender. The registered mail is marked ‘Registered Post’.
(iii) Parcel Post Under this postal facility, articles can be sent across the country as well as outside the country. Parcels of specified size and weight can he sent under this service. Postal charges for parcels depend on the weight of the parcel and are reasonably low.
(iv) Speed Post This service is designed for very fast delivery of mail. Speed post is accepted at selected post offices. The posts and telegraphs department guaranties that all internal mail 1 received upto 5 pm at the specified post offices will he delivered within 24 hours. If it fails to
do so, the extra fee arranged for this services will be refunded.