Explain how you draw magnetic lines of force in the magnetic field

Procedure :

  1. Take a white drawing sheet.
  2. Place a marine compass at the centre of the sheet.
  3. Draw a line which shows north and south of the earth on the drawing sheet.
  4. Now remove the compass needle and place a bar magnet at the centre of the sheet showing north of the bar magnet pointing north of the earth.
  5. Place the magnetic compass near the bar magnet without contact. The needle comes to rest after oscillations.
  6. Locate end of the pointer with pencil.
    Now place the compass needle at this point and once again notice the end of the pointer.
  7. We can repeat the same around the magnet and draw all the points with the help of the pencil.
  8. We can draw the lines taking the needle too far to the magnet and we can observe the orientation of needle of compass.
  9. So we can conclude that the strength of field varies with distance from the bar magnet.
  10. These lines of force are from north of bar magnet to south of the bar magnet.