Explain developmental characteristics during childhood

Explain developmental characteristics during childhood.

Developmental characteristics during childhood:
(i) Physical development : In early childhood teeth start falling and permanent teeth starts growing. Growth of girls is more than boys in this period. Increase in height is slow because muscles and bones are developing.
(ii) Intellectual development : By the time the child is 12 years he develops language skills. One starts thinking, reasoning, remembering etc., keenly observes others. Interest in various things keeps on changing and exhibits love towards nature.
(iii) Emotional development : They become more stable emotionally. At this stage sentiments and complexes are formed. Child is innocent and remains under control. They start feeling conscious of their act.
(iv) Social development : Develops a good and bigger circle of friends. He loves to play with his peer group. They develop more interest in team games and love playing in their own groups.