Explain any three ways to solve the problems of under employment

Explain any three ways to solve the problems of under employment.

THERE are people who are capable of better work and earning more than what they are getting. The reason for this is that, better jobs for which they are qualified are not available. Such people are termed as under employed. For example; a graduate teacher driving a taxi. Under employment is most prevalent in the primary or agriculture sector.
Three ways to solve the problem of under employment are:

  1. Provision of loans may help creating jobs for disguised unemployment and under employed workers. The loan money can be used for the promotion of economic activity of the family adding to the family’s earning or for setting up a cottage industry.
  2. Another way is to promote and locate industries and services in semi-rural areas, where a large number of people may be employed.
    For example: Setting up of a dal mill, opening a cold storage, starting and promoting honey collection.
  3. If local banks give credit to farmers at a reasonable rate of interest, they will be able to buy agricultural inputs and increase productivity.
  4. Centers for vegetable and fruit processing, health center, educational institutions, tourism and IT center will certainly help in creating jobs.