Explain any three types of unemployment found in India

(i) Disguised Unemployment. A situation in which more persons are employed on a job than are optimally required. If a part of the labour force is withdrawn and the total production remains unchanged, this withdrawn labour will be known as disguised unemployed labour.
(ii) Seasonal Unemployment. Unemployment caused by the fact that certain activities can be pursued only during specified periods, e.g., The demand for agricultural labour increases at the time of sowing and harvesting. During the interval between sowing and harvesting, there is a fall in employment. It is also found in seasonal industries like ice factories.
(iii) Structural Unemployment Unemployment caused by the fact that the economy fails to generate enough jobs. It is the result ofthe backwardness and low rate of economic development of a country. It is generally witnessed in the underdeveloped countries, e.g., A change of energy use from coal to electric power is bound to curtail coal mining activity and cause unemployment there.