Explain any three reasons why outsourcing is needed

Explain any three reasons why outsourcing is needed.
Why are business firms increasingly using outsourcing of services.
Discuss the need of outsourcing.

  1. Focused approach : Every business has limited resources and every manager has limited time. Outsourcing can help business to shift its focus from peripheral activities towards work that serves the customers and helps managers to set their priorities more clearly.
  2. Make faster deliveries to customers : Outsourcing helps businesses to make quicker deliveries to customers. An outsourcing partner will be able to provide faster deliverables and in turn will be able to make quick deliveries to his customers. It also helps to save time.
  3. Operational efficiency : Outsourcing gives an organisation exposure to vendor specialized systems. Specialization provides more efficiency that allows for a quicker turn around time and higher levels of quality.
  4. Benefits of latest development: With the help of outsourcing the benefits of latest development could be derived out by the concern in the most economical manner.
  5. Improved customer satisfaction : With timely delivery and high quality services one can impress his customers. Outsourcing leads to increased customer satisfaction and they will remain loyal to the organisation.