Explain any three components of physical fitness

Explain any three components of physical fitness.

Components of physical fitness :
Physical fitness has seven components which are essential in the field of physical education. Our sports performance largely depends upon physical fitness components.
(i) Strength : It is defined as the greatest amount of force that muscles can produce in a single maximal effort or strength. It is the ability to overcome resistance. For example, exercise with medicine ball, push ups. etc.
(ii) Speed : It is ability of an individual to perform similar movements consecutively at a fast rate. It is also defined as the performance pre-requisite to do motor actions under given conditions in minimum time. For example, repetition method, generating speed before taking long jump and triple jump.
(iii) Endurance : It is the ability of the body to do work for long time without getting fatigue or endurance is the ability to resist fatigue. For example, continuous and interval training method.