Explain any four positive contribution made by Britishers in India

Positive contribution of British Rule:
British Rule also had some poisitve effects on Indian economy. They are discussed as under :
(1) Self-sufficiency in food grain production : Commercialization of agriculture initiated by British Government resulted in self-sufficiency in food grain production.
(2) Better means of Transportaion : Development of roads and railways provided cheap and rapid transport system and opened up new opportunities of economic and social growth.
(3) Check on Famines : Roads and railways worked as a great check on the occurrance and impact of famines as food supplies could be transported to the affected areas in case of droughts.
(4) Shift to Monetary Economy : British rule helped Indian economy to shift from barter system of exchnage (exchange of good for goods) to monetary system of exchange.
(5) Effective Administrative setup : The British Government had an efficient administration system, which served as a ready reckoner for Indian politicians.